The underground FLX is a super board. I tested it a Normanville in the semi chop (the 128 x 38). It has a double concave and a super light weight.
The FLX fits into the equipment that you just feel like you have been ridding forever, it perfoms for you, there is little to get used to in the change from the gear you are used to riding, it is pure comfort from the first power stroke of the kite.

I had the review in my head before I went to Underground's website and everything that I thought about the board was what they had listed. I can guarantee you that there is not a single bit of exageration or hype, this board is everything they say it is:

"Performance advantages of the new board are; -Smoother in chop, smoother ride overall -less spray in the face -Nicer for landing powered moves -way better for waveriding and carving on flat water -better edging, more control"
After the session I thought that the water was flat, what? this board eats through chop like it is butter. Air time, wow, some of the best air I have had, why? not only could I hold down more wind through the chop but I was able to use it for pop when I wanted it, so it turns out with this board chop = even more fun!
It tracks really well, but breaks the track easy. My last board was very loose and I liked it, therefore trying some tracking boards I felt to locked in. This board gives you the track but breaks really nicely, what I would call perfect balance.
Then, slap landing, thing of the past! I intentionally came in harder and flatter to test this out. What, no slap? that's it no slap, nice and smooth landing.
light weight, super comfy foot straps, great colour schemes, what a board.

Captains log, Star Date 23/12_2007.
Well the interesting thing about this board is having ridden many others since I am yet to find one that will have me replacing it by putting a different one under the Christmas Tree. One of my mates recently having ridden another very well known brand for some time swapped boards as he had been testing my freestyle fish. So we swapped boards and he just used my flx. His comment after was that this was a super nice board still and was perhaps a little disappointed that he had not gone the flx as well. I still ride this board in big swell and rided it hard toe side and down the line. Yes I am also riding a Freestyle Fish but when it is totally huge and hectic I take the flx out as I can rely on it to stick to my feet as a light weight buddy when I need to jump 5 white water washes coming in all directions in heavy surf and wind.

get one before you ride again - that's my advice
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